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To dig deeper into who I am and the journey I am on- Dynamic based relationships with a focus on heavy power exchange are my truth. I've tried more mainstream and egalitarian connections over the years, but even then, without conscious intention, my nature never would be denied. On this path I have found that I am a person who is only fulfilled when in control and served. While that is my core however, I am also one who feels that he is constantly growing and learning in each of life's twists and turns. There are many that came before me and many who will come behind me- I learn from all. My path is where it is... in this moment... it is my truth and my journey. I feel that every day really is a gift and an opportunity in which to refine the following: how I engage in my dynamics... what exactly that will mean.... what it means to be a Master... the health of my relationships... psychology... training for the betterment of myself and my partners... and so on. People have asked me what I am into and honestly I just don't believe that a simple fet list does it justice... Here are the most important facets of who I am sprinkled with a few of my primary interests and what gets my blood pumping:

☼ M/s and extremely strong D/s Dynamics: This is the most important aspect of who I am and what works for me... I have many philosophies and ideas around these concepts. If you would like to discuss them, I would more than love to share what matters to me most with you.
☼ Discipline & Training: I come from a background of and enjoy very structured training and partners who crave order and discipline in their lives to improve themselves. Lessons, protocols, and other such details are my candy. To carry these ideas further- I cannot stress enough that growth is extremely important to me and my training/dynamics have a tremendous focus on these elements.

The above elements are more about my path of Mastery and the fulfillment it breathes into my life.... About how I traverse it's joys, challenges, struggles, pains, and evolutions. Below will be more of a small.glimpse into the things I hunger for... that which I crave and which taps into a side of me where primal truth manifests and a demon awakens... beautiful, dark, pure...

☼ Power/Sadism: On the M/s side, I love nothing more than to be served. Someone else living their truth, craving to give nothing less than their entire being to me. Pure, unconditional, and unfettered. On the sadistic side, I adore reactions... those moments of panic, struggle, confusion, bliss, pain, and focused being.
☼ Struggle Play/Rape Play/Abduction: On a physical level it doesn't get any hotter than this...
☼ Rope: All elements of this... from the beautiful aesthetic to the cruel torment of sadistic desires and games.
☼ Breath Play: part of all of the above...
☼ Erotic Photography and Home Movies: I love making these shared moments with a partner.

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