Pronouns: She/They
44 Years Old
United States, Louisiana,

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Kupkake is a twisted, primal, blood loving, sadomasochistic, Genderfluid/Queer Leatherperson. She has been involved in the kink/ Leather community for over two decades beginning in the late 90’s then found and fell in love with the Leather culture she dedicates herself to now. 

Although, sometimes described as a heavy Top, she enjoys most things from all sides and has loads of fun thinking up new ways to bring life to the dark fantasies that play around in her head. 

She has embraced many labels over the years and has been honored with her Masters cover yet no label can fully describe how multifaceted she truly is. Kupkake is service driven and thoroughly enjoys mentoring and teaching others. She’s been involved and an educator in an array of alternative lifestyle and spiritual organizations where she finds fulfillment in body ritual and modification with a special place in her heart for flesh hooks. She has led and served in many groups over the years and is currently founder and President of the New Orleans girls of Leather and a few other groups and organizations along the gulf coast. 

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_ Kupkake/ Christy

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I identify as:

  • She/Her
  • Primal
  • Master
  • 24/7
  • They/Them

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