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Sir Luke and His victor

(Sir Luke (He/Him) and His victor (he/him))

Profile Details

Sir Luke and His victor manifest a sacred exchange of will and surrender as Master and slave, combining Leathersex and bloodlust, intentional structure and discipline, and shared personal truth. Their dynamic is flavored with notes of consensual nonconsent, depravity, and defilement. They live on the edge to uncover hidden purpose and empowerment, undeniably conquering fear and hesitation.

Sir Luke and His victor are SouthEast Master/slave 2019/2020/2021 and Florida Power Exchange 2016/2017. They have presented over 100 classes at 90 events country-wide and internationally on various aspects of authority-based dynamics and S&M. When they're not doing work in the community, they enjoy their home sanctuary, where victor can sit at Sir Luke's feet in their dungeon and they can simply exist as Master and slave.

Who will be presenting:

Care of a Master’s Leather

Class Description

Beyond domestic, cerebral, and masochistic services slaves provide, leathercare is one of the most intimate acts that can be offered to a Master. Caring for their second skin, the leather they wear for formal occasions that displays their history, is an honor and a privilege not to be taken lightly. From the Wescoes or Corcorans on their feet, to the iconic Muir caps, we will cover both how to care for and shine leather, and the intent and ritual that can be infused into the act itself.

Who will be presenting:

Opening Ceremony

Ceremony Description

Come join us as we open up the day celebrating everything service with an inspiring collaborative Opening Speech from Sir Luke and His victor the SouthEast Master/slave 2019/2020/2021 and Florida Power Exchange 2016/2017!