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Mr. Ladybug is a queer, Leather Daddy and sadist who loves to dominate a good conversation or scene. Mr. L's preferred pronouns are She/They/Sir. She has been an active member of the queer, kink and Leather community for over a decade. She’s blessed to have her wife and partner in crime, Fionna, by her side. 

They can often be found Co-Topping or showing off their toy bag. Mr. L enjoys heavy impact scenes and bondage! She grew up in the Bay Area but her kink journey started in northern California (Chico) and has moved to Boise, Idaho, where she has been active in the community for over 8 years now. She has been fortunate enough to have traveled to various communities and states over the years while expanding her network and helping the community every chance she gets. From running a play space, hosting and co-hosting events, munches and sloshes, to producing and co-producing educational intensives.

When she's not doing that she finds other ways to help, volunteering feeds her soul. Mr. L is passionate about the lifestyle and is always looking for opportunities to give back. She has served in various roles for in-person and virtual conferences in the last 3 years, Her current projects include a Lending Library for the Boise Area and Mr. Ladybug's Lounge. A platform that supports community growth through education, both in-person and virtually. Earlier this year she started a new venture as Co-Director of MAsT Meridian. She enjoys service, creating positive experiences and bringing people together. She also gives back with the Alternative Collective, a local Leather house that she is a member of. She supports local hosts, groups and events and also leads a couple of groups on FetLife. Mr. L is always sharing her experiences, learning, growing and looking forward to what the future holds.

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Everything and Anything Service Roundtable Panel

Panel Description

Come join several of our amazing inspiring community leaders of all backgrounds, ages, and sides of the slash or none at all as they ask each other questions about everything and anything service they have wanted to know from others.