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Master Penguin and slave ginna are the current International Master/slave for 2023 as well as the 2022 Northeast Master/slave.  They have been in a Master/slave relationship for more than 20 years and married over 25 years. They started in the community in Norfolk, Virginia, then later moved to central Pennsylvania. Both Master Penguin and slave ginna were actively involved with WHIP, a BDSM group. During this time, they worked the "kinks" out of their relationship and their dynamic shifted from mostly in the bedroom to a TPE M/s relationship. Later, they became involved with different MAsT chapters and currently Master Penguin is the Director of MAsT: Gettysburg and slave ginna works to plan meetings and presenters.

They have presented at many events including MsC, The M/s Gathering, and Twisting Culture as well as many MAsT chapters.  They present on various topics including mental health, neurodiversity, long term relationships, goal planning, raising kids in a kinky home and more. They are both committed to service in the community and they always try to be helpful and lend a hand when needed.

Who will be presenting:

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Service for All Seasons

Class Description

As we walk through the seasons of life, health and growing older can alter what we are able to provide.  In this presentation, we explore different things that might force us to change our rituals and protocols to adjust to different life situations.  We discuss things that have worked for our dynamic as well as suggestions from others to allow our dynamics to remain relevant, even if we can’t kneel at the foot of the bed anymore.