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Master Lola Smiles


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Master Lola Smiles is a Latinx Leather Female Master from Long Island, NY, who has been in the lifestyle for over 25 years - a BDSM educator & presenter and event promoter for 9 years. On January 17, 2021, she was honored and humbled to receive her Cover and earned the title of Master.

Master Lola founded SCK Events in 2013, SCK hosts munches and a variety of upscale events and parties on LI & NYC. SCK has co-hosted and sponsored various events, including classes, socials and play parties, with other BDSM and Leather groups.

Master Lola is the head of the House of SCK.  Established in 2018, the House of SCK is a diverse Leather house founded on the core values of Loyalty, Support & Family.

Master Lola also serves on the committes for Leather Solidarity Collective (LSC), as a Co-Chair of TES FEST 2022 and a provisional member of Paragon Cooperative & Club.

As a presenter/educator Master Lola Smiles has had the honor of presenting all over the U.S. on topics including Consent & Negotiations, Scene Etiquette, Vetting, Dungeon Monitor Training, Polyamory, CBT, Impact Play, Mummification and Breath Play, to name a few.

Who will be presenting:

All Things Service: Panel Discussion

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