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Leather Redux


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Leather Redux (LR) is a just your friendly old school, neighborhood dominant leather lesbian from the 90s. She is probably the most romantic sadist you will ever know. She left kink for a bit and came back which is what "redux" means - - a return or rebirth. She has come back to kink and is not turning back.

As part of the Leather tradition, service to the community is important to her and she does this by sharing and educating people where she can.

She has taught classes such as Flogging 101, Fisting 101 and meditation. She has always known the connection between BDSM and spirituality and that we are all really here to heal or help ourselves and others.


Contact Info:

FetLife: @LeatherRedux

Who will be presenting:

Aftercare 101 -- Yes even for Tops!

Class Description

This class covers what happens when play ends and the hormone levels try to stabilize afterwards. The imbalance causes "drop" or a feeling of detachment and sometimes feelings of anxiety or depression. This class will teach ways to combat drop through self-care and grounding energy work.