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DawnSparkles aka Bubbles is a dutiful service submissive and a passionate masochist from the New England area. Bubbles previously ran Little Scouts #203, and after 3 years of leadership refocused their educational energy on the global community at large. A fervent writer and chronic oversharer, Bubbles is passionate about spearheading changes in community health standards for the kink scene and all of its participants.

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Body Service: The Basics

Class Description

Love to be pampered and treated like royalty? 

Love giving your partners that perfect opportunity to relax and unwind? 

Looking for ways to indulge in your own self care? 

This class is for you! 

Join @DawnSparkles for a night centered on pleasure and calm while we learn the ins and out of body care and body service for our partners. We'll talk about how you can serve your partners 
and yourself through the act of taking care of your 
body's wants and needs.

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Kitchen Cuisiner: High Protocol Meals

Class Description

The fastest way to a Dom's heart (at least in our humble opinion) is through their stomach. If you're like me, feeding your partners is your primary way of showing them you love them. Let's get cooking!

Join DawnSparkles for a recipe share and live demo. 

Together we will cook a recipe as well as talk about all the elements that go into the meal portion of a high protocol evening. Think 30 Minute Meals, but kinkier!