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Master Retro Bella


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Master Retro Bella is a Latina High Femme Leather Woman from Bakersfield, California. Her pronouns are She/Her/Hers. Retro Bella is the President of the valley’s 1st girls of Leather chapter, San Joaquin girls of Leather. That same year she also created the extremely successful workshop series, “Women Educators in the Valley.” Retro Bella is serving as the current Assistant Director of the M.A.s.T Bakersfield, and Co-head of the Leather house: House Of Dark Shadows. Together with her slave boy drake, they've taught for multiple groups and conferences on both coasts, Rocky Mountain region and Internationally.

Who will be presenting:

Building Your Femme Armor

Class Description

Make up and femininity are the halves of one very complicated social identity Femmes, Nonbinary peoples, and Trans folks have created an idea that is affectionately termed as: “Femme Armor” to describe the act of wearing make up as a shield to an often cruel world.

In this hour we will be discussing: Centering techniques to get you into the right headspace Basic Skin management Debunking common makeup misconceptions What makeup products to avoid How to do this all on a budget

This entire class will be structured in a “get ready with me” format which means you will be able to watch my entire makeup process from start to finish. There will be plenty of time for questions and hands on demos So join me in finding what tools and application techniques could be used in finding your own definition of Femme Armor.

All persons wanting to learn how to apply makeup are welcome