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Bebe is a Poly, Het, demisexual masochist, very active, giggle bottom, service topping ‘s type’.  Since 2009, Bebe has been serving the broader kink & poly communities, presenting classes related to her passion, the ever evolving topics of Consent, and Service to our Communities.  During covid, Bebe started the Submissive Safe Call, an online discussion group to keep ‘s types’ connected.  She founded StL PolyHarmonic, a local group for kinky & polyamormous persons.  In 2020,  Bebe was humbled & honored to be chosen by Leather Leadership Conference (LLC) for their Servant Leadership Award! 
She is currently serving her 8th year on the Board of Directors of National Coalition for Sexual Freedom ( and currently leads the Community Support Team for MsC Worldwide. You may have met Bebe at a NCSF table or Presenting at LLC Atlanta, Master/slave Con, Spanksgiving, COPE/Winter Wickedness, Kinky Kollege, FIRE, The Woodshed Orlando & more! 
She is mother of a TNG kinkster, an IT Professional, Avid Foodie & Music Lover and Debauchery Explorer!  She’s also a ICASA certified Sexual Assault Victim Advocate for the State of IL!  Her passions are service to the community, education and personal responsibility through empowerment.

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A Single Concrete Idea to Affect Change

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Leaders see the whole field, the future of their groups, the events & parties, their membership. But sometimes, such a wide angle lens causes us to overlook the smaller, integral changes that can move us forward. So how do we identify the ideas that will affect change for the better? And from that idea, how do we identify that single concrete action item, weighing out the positive and negative repercussions? We'll walk through One Concrete Idea together, and then learn to help each other explore & break down ideas to affect change and move our communities forward.