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Daesha (pronouns: she/her) is a Biracial Mexican and Japanese American and Demi Leathergirl based out of Los Angeles and Orange County California supporting local events.

She is service and ownership oriented submissive with 17 years experience in the lifestyle centered around Total Authority Transfer and Power Exchange Relationships, with 5 years experience as an active organizer. She is passionate about service to the community and committed to the furthering of educational programming; spoken on panels for BIPOC Inclusivity, AAPI Cultural Stereotypes in Kink for various organizations, as well as QTBIPOC panels for both Obsidian LA's Paradise, & Anomaly of Arkansas; served as Ambassador Director for Leather Solidarity Collective in 2021 and opening Keynote Speaker, recipient of LSC's Award of Excellence 2022; guest Speaker for KinkyAFPodcast as well as the Black to Leather Podcast; FROST 22' End Keynote Speaker, HouseofKush Member, Chief Operations Officer for Socal Asian Kink Events in LA, and Published Op-ed for National Leather Association Fall Edition 2022.

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Overcoming Challenges in Selfless Service

Class Description

This class explores the challenges of the ego, performance anxiety, perfectionism, and how to overcome those challenging negative scripts that can cause us to self sabotage in our service. We will use a team-based approach to overcoming these problems and use selfless service as bonding experience to grow a stronger relationship between you and your D-Types partner. Whether you are curious about exploring service submission or are experienced and looking for a new perspective, we aim to explore the motivations that drive service submission as an act of devotion to our partners.

This class focuses on Navigating Ego, Resistance, Habit Building, Communication-building, & Service with Generosity for the purpose of growing as a service oriented submissive.