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MalikaSG(She/Her)  has lived the life  privately for over a decade, in the life- “proper” for nearly three. She is the Queen of The House of the Black Panther, a Leather household committed to volunteerism, education, support, and history, particularly for People of Color in the lifestyle where she serves the Head of the House, Sir Guy.  She is a member and co-admin of The Dark Lair-a lifestyle support & education group for people of Color, founded by Sir Guy. 
Malika is a member of The Eulenspiegel Society (TES),  the Media & communications Director of ALFA (Atlantic Leather Family Alliance), Founder of POC Arkansas- a virtual gathering place geared toward  POC kinksters primarily in Northwest Arkansas, established in October of 2021. She is a former staff member of Anomaly  Arkansas where she helped organize and participated in FROST 2020,  co-organizer and moderator of the POC Kink Perspective panel in February of 2021, and after stepping down from her staff position,  Malika   volunteered for Anomaly Arkansas’s Cirque Du Earth. She also volunteered for  MsC Worldwide2021,  organized and hosted the discussion panel "Kink by the Pound: Making Space for Bigger Bodies in the Lifestyle," presented at The Gathering NW 2021: A Community United. She was co-keynote speaker w/ Sir Guy for Latinos in Leather’s 2nd Anniversary celebration in January of 2022. She moderated the “BIPOC Means Black Femme Too- A Black Femme Panel Discussion for Black Women and Non-Binary Femme Kinksters in O/our Community,” Part I of the Feminism is Collectivism Series: Presented by the House of Kush& its founder, Domina Atua.  Most recently, along with Sir Guy, Malika began co-hosting the “Dark Lair Presents:” virtual events in April of 2022.


Who will be presenting:

All Things Service: Panel Discussion

Panel Description

Who will be presenting:

Encore Speech

Class Description

Come Join us to open up the space before our evening service panel with Sir Guy and MalikaSG doing an Encore of their collaborative Opening Speech from last year! It was so thought provoking and inspiring we had to ask them back to get to hear it again!

Who will be moderating:

service submissive roundtable

Class Description

What is service? Why do we serve and how do we choose who to serve? Some of the topics we will discuss are reasoning, motives, pros and cons, red flags and more. Bring your thoughts on service and let's talk it over.