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MalikaSG(She/Her) has been in the lifestyle for 15 years She founded  POC Arkansas- a virtual gathering place geared toward POC kinksters, primarily in Northwest Arkansas (est. 2021). On April 21, 2023, Malika founded Black Leather subs&slaves Alliance (BLsA), a private group for black right-side identified Leather women who serve Black Leather M/D types. She is co-admin of The Dark Lair, founded by Sir Guy,  and Media Director of Atlantic Leather Family Alliance (ALFA), founded by Sir J-Jay in 2020.
Malika is an event organizer,  presenter, and facilitator. She has been a guest panelist for- several virtual and live events and cons, had delivered a number of Keynote addresses, had her written works featured in three online publications, and was a contributor to  “Learning Submission,” by Joshua Tenpenny.  
Malika is proudly collared by SirGuy and serves as  the Queen of The House of the Black Panther.


MalikaSG Podcast
Join us for a great conversation with MalikaSG.

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Interactive Panel Discussion: When Serving Doesn't Serve You

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Service can be rich a fulfilling part of ones journey, but what happenes when we serve to our detriment? What steps do we take to replenish? How do we find balance between giving and receiving service, and what part does EGO play in?
MalikaSG will facillitate  panelists  and  the audience as they discuss these topics and more.