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Sir Tee and little kitsune

(He/Her, Him/She | she/her)

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Sir Tee and little kitsune live in a long term (over 28 years) 24/7 Master/slave, Consensual Non-Consent dynamic. Sir Tee identifies as a Butch IBPOC Leather Person who uses He/She pronouns and little kitsune is Japanese Canadian Leather girl. Together, they are the founders and Directors of the MAsT: Greater Vancouver chapter in Vancouver B.C., Canada. They facilitate regular monthly MAsT discussion nights, monthly Hellfire and aspire discussions (providing each side of the slash an opportunity to discuss and share with their peers), and host regular munches/socials for the Power Exchange community.

Active in their community, Sir Tee and little kitsune produced the 2020 and 2021 Pacific Rim Power Exchange (virtual) Conference, have hosted a number of weekend intensives and community fundraising events, and regularly volunteer to support conferences and communities. 

Open to sharing their experiences, they have presented extensively at a variety of virtual conferences and organizations, as well as in-person at events and conferences across Canada and the U.S. (e.g. KinkFest, Leather Reign, Wicked in the West, Pandemonium in the Prairies, MVK, etc.). In addition, both have been honoured to serve as judges for the Western Canada Power Exchange (WCPE) title competition (in 2019 Sir Tee served as Head Judge and in 2018 little kitsune was a judge). For 2023 little kitsune will serve as a judge at the North East Region M/s contest at MsC.

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Opening Ceremony

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Opening ceremony and keynote speech.