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belet dawn (she/her) identifies as a pansexual, polyamorous, spiritual Leatherwoman and energyworker and is super excited to be living her authentic life. Not only is she and Daniel Belum currently traveling the country with their doggo as full-time RVers, they have been presenting on topics such as Power Exchange, Sensual Kink, Polyamory, Healing and Sacred Sexuality since 2004! She is the co-author of well received books on: Polyamory (The Polyamory Toolkit); Power Exchange (Hearts & Collars); as well as author of her newest book, Rituals from Birth to Earth. Since, 2009, dawn has also co-hosted the Erotic Awakening Podcast, the longest running kink and power exchange podcast on the ‘net!

Over the years she has been co-producer of the Power Exchange Summit (PXS) and Beyond the Love (BTL), and producer for almost a decade of the Subs in Service Intensive. Oh and let’s not forget…2010 GLLA slave and co-director of The Columbus Space. You might say that helping others find their way by sharing her stories and creating safe spaces is a passion of hers.

In recent news, belet dawn is proud to have celebrated her 21st collaring anniversary with Daniel Belum.

Who will be presenting:

Collared In Charge

Class Description

You adore your Leader, follow his orders, and things are great as you joyfully bring him a cup of coffee. But you don't need to bring him coffee - that new follower did it already.

Join belet dawn as she shares tools and feedback on her experience when a Leader not only adds followers to his collar, but also gives you the role of what some call, 'alpha slave' - dealing with being a follower who has leader-like responsibilities, loss of your duties as the new person is given them, and dealing with a bit of 'what about me?'. Plus how to help Leaders not get so caught up in that new follower relationship energy that they lose track of your needs and wants!