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Shalimar is a Leather boy, service pupper, bootblack, and service leader. They are a lifelong student who strives towards building aware communities that address ethics, equity, and safety. They have been in the mental health field for three years and have been in the community for eight years. Their goal is to address issues of accessibility and oppression within our communities and increase the dialogue around issues such as racism, abuse, gatekeeping, and sexism.

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Celebrating Service and Queerness: A Discussion

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Join us as we discuss the rich and vibrant ways, we explore service within our queer identities and relationships! This session is aimed toward all who identify under the queer, trans, nonbinary, ace/aro, gay, lesbian, and bi/pan umbrellas. How do we view and experience service outside a cis heteronormative perspective? What are ways we offer or receive service that may transcend typical norms and preconceptions? Bring your stories, ideas, and questions for an opportunity to learn and share together.