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DominaKat—an avid BDSM blogger and advocate since 2010—continues to be inspired by the divine intersection of Spiritual connection, deep authentic BDSM, and primal hedonistic sex. She currently identifies as a right-leaning S&M switch and as unowned property in Power Exchange circles. She has been active in the NYC Lifestyle Community since 2017.

In 2018 DominaKat became the Co-Lead for NYC slave Munches/Meetings, a sacred space for those who identify as slave/property to come together in a safe setting to explore, enhance, and deepen their slave journeys. NYCsM Circles are topic-focused discussions, specifically tailored to drive purposeful, meaningful, POSITIVE growth in a slave’s journey.

DominaKat is also the Co-Founder & Co-Lead of S&M.NYC where she has brought together Sadists and Masochists for in-depth discussions since 20019. Unsatisfied with 101 sessions and technical skills-focused trainings in the community, she sought to elevate the conversation of S&M through small group, topic-focused meetings with tailored discussion questions that nurture participants to share their nuanced approaches to S&M play.

As a lifetime BIPOC Ally/Advocate/Co-Conspirator she has blended this passion with her Lifestyle Community involvement by actively supporting efforts to create safe, welcoming kink and Leather spaces for the BIPOC Community.  In December 2019, she enthusiastically entered the Leather Lifestyle as an Associate Member of ONYX Pearls NY-NE, where she has served on the Executive Operations, Road Captain, and Marketing Committees. In addition she was a charter member of The Leather Solidarity Collective (LSC) and Project Manager for LSC’s Events & UPRISE! Conference from Jan 2021 - Apr 2023. She is also the Founder of the Ally to Advocate to Warrior Project, dedicated to encouraging intentional and thoughtful improvement of allyship and advocacy in the Lifestyle.

In 2022, DominaKat launched several classes including The 9 Service Languages of Authority Transfer Relationships & Dynamics and The 12 Goals of S&M Scenes. She has presented at/for SPLF 2023, MsC Worldwide 2022, The Leather Solidarity Collective, UPRISE! 2022, MsC 2022, TES Fest 2022, SCK Events, ONYX Pearls NY-Northeast, S&M.NYC, and NYC slave Meetings.

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Interactive Panel Discussion: When Serving Doesn't Serve You

Panel Description

Service can be rich a fulfilling part of ones journey, but what happenes when we serve to our detriment? What steps do we take to replenish? How do we find balance between giving and receiving service, and what part does EGO play in?
MalikaSG will facillitate  panelists  and  the audience as they discuss these topics and more.

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Intro to The 9 Service Languages of Authority Transfer Relationships & Dynamics

Class Description

The number of ways to Serve within an Authority Transfer relationship or dynamic is infinite. Each one is customized to suit the individuals involved, and with long-standing P/partners the Service seems to only grow more complicated and involved over time making it nearly impossible to explain to others seeking guidance. With so many unique examples and vague descriptions, is it any wonder that many find it difficult to initiate, negotiate, and explore M/s-centered Service successfully no matter how often they’ve walked down this road? The 9 Service Languages of Authority Transfer provides both sides of the / with an easy to explore framework to build, navigate, and even renegotiate functional Service-Based M/s engagements with shared expectations and positive outcomes. Topics include: Service dialects, benefits and challenges as well as factors to consider when exploring Service Languages.

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Know Your Service Boundaries (for BOTH sides of the /) | Lessons from the Trenches of a Service Whore

Class Description

Service—a cornerstone for many who practice Authority Transfer or engage with the Community—is treated almost as social currency within the Lifestyle or even the tithe we offer our beliefs. However, while we fully support, embrace, and champion S&M Boundaries, little is ever even whispered about Service Boundaries. This silence is a detriment to the individuals involved as well as to the overall Community. Most of us can name at least one person who has sacrificed too much in the name of service and faced serious negative consequences that required months or even years to recover. Instead of simply preaching service, service, SERVICE, we each need to have honest conversations with ourselves about the Service Boundaries needed to Protect both the Big Letter and little letter Property! Whether you are a little letter or a BIG letter, serving a partner, a relationship, a Leather House, an organization, event, or the Community at large, join DominaKat—a recovering Service Whore—in exploring what Service Boundaries you may want and need in your Journey.