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Levi stumbled into queer Leather community more than 20 years ago, and immediately recognized it as “home”. Levi is deeply honored to belong to his Sir, Tomo, who permits him to serve as his Majordomo. For more than 15 years, he has had the privilege of offering his Sir loving service, grateful obedience and steadfast surrender.

Levi has been an educator and an organizer in the Leather community since 2002. He is currently the Majordomo for South Plains Leatherfest, and Western/International Battalion Commander for the D.U.C. Over the past two decades, Levi has “flagged left” organizationally for the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (Director of Operations), International Ms Leather Weekend (Co-Producer, winner of “Pantheon of Leather Award, Large Event of the Year 2007”), Play House Studios, Folsom Street Fair “The Playground” (Board of Directors), Northwest Leather Celebration (Producer’s Assistant), and SF Queer Leather Happy Hour (Co-Producer).

Though a lifelong New Yorker, Levi currently lives in the East Bay of Northern California, unceded territory of the Bay Miwok, with his lover and boy, Marcos (owner of Needle Play Acupuncture). He is committed to the strengthening of our community through education, the work of antiracism and social justice, and political change. Outside of the dungeon, Levi works in Executive Education serving as Director of Operations for a globally renowned  business school. As a player, Levi is “the quiet one” who you might not guess to be a Bootblack, a switch, a smartass, and a shit-stirrer in all the right ways.

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Interactive Panel Discussion: When Serving Doesn't Serve You

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Service can be rich a fulfilling part of ones journey, but what happenes when we serve to our detriment? What steps do we take to replenish? How do we find balance between giving and receiving service, and what part does EGO play in?
MalikaSG will facillitate  panelists  and  the audience as they discuss these topics and more.