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Darren Campbell (they/them) is a sexuality and relationship educator and coach based out of Toronto, Ontario. They are a proudly queer, non-monogamous, pleasure-affirming community member who loves to facilitate discussions and experiences that strengthen relationships and encourage a sense of curiosity and exploration. Their education and coaching areas of focus include self-love & acceptance, consent, communication, non-monogamy, & power exchange. An intersectional lens informs Darren’s coaching and workshop facilitation, recognizing that we live in a complex world with many identities, needs, and desires, and are often subject to systems that actively cause us harm. Darren is invested in growing their anti-oppressive practices and welcomes any feedback on how to make his teachings more accessible and inclusive.

In their classes and coaching, Darren provides participants with tools and examples that help them communicate more clearly and authentically with themselves and their partners. Darren believes that a collaborative approach, focused on creating a sense of safety and shared vulnerability, is the key to great sex, connection, and a love-filled life. Contact them through their website

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Providing and Receiving Personal Service

Class Description

Service can be exciting and intimidating. Where do we start? How do we find someone to serve, and how do we negotiate that service? What if we want to receive service, how and where do we start? What makes for great service? In this class, Darren will discuss how to explore service as a submissive and create dynamics that work for us. Whether you’re interested in providing the occasional afternoon of cleaning or a 24/7 dynamic, he’ll talk about:
• "Training" - What it is and what it isn't
• Assessing and improving skills and abilities
• Finding opportunities to serve
• Setting boundaries while giving up control at the same time
• Anticipatory vs. directed service
• Common missteps and misunderstandings