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We are excited to host

Sir Leo and leathergem

(Sir Leo (He/Him), Leathergem (she/her))

Profile Details

Sir Leo (He/Him/They) and leathergem (her/she) live a 24/7 TPE Master/slave relationship structured in protocols and rituals involving the chemistry of Leather, spirituality, and consent-non-consent. Their deep connection fuels the energy that allows them to live unapologetically for who they are.

Sir Leo is a Trans-masculine Sadistic Leather Master and leathergem who is a queer masochist leatherwoman. Together, they live by the code to “Each one Teach one” and are dedicated to serving their community with education, mentorship, and lots of fun.

Sir Leo and his slave are the owners of the Tampa Bay Phoenix Club. Sir Leo is the Co-Director of MAsT-Tampa, the founder of The Leather Cultivation Project, and served as a judge for the South Plains Leatherfest M/s International Contest in 2022.

Who will be presenting:

Butler Books

Class Description

In this class, we will discuss what a butler's book is and how to utilize this helpful guide to assist service to each individual in a household. How to record and organize household management, medical information, travel information, guest information along with birthdays/anniversaries, and more.

Please bring a notebook and pens to highlight what would be beneficial for you to add to your butlers book.

Templates will be provided for examples.