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Master Walker

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Profile Details

Master Walker began his journey in 1980. As a professional corporate trainer, he often traveled to southern California and San Francisco where he was introduced to the Leather lifestyle. As a teacher he has authored and taught BDSM, M/s Relationship, and Leather courses for local, regional, national and International events.

As an educational developer, he is a co-founder of the SAADE, an educational group in Austin Texas and the founder of The Mentor Programs (both the Dominant and submissive programs) in Texas. In 2015 he received the Master McGeorge “Excellent in Education” Award for his ongoing contribution to education in the M/s community.

Today he is active in a group called S.K.I.L.L.S., located in the Central Texas areas. S.K.I.L.L.S. is a social group with strong emphasis on learning.

Who will be presenting:

Creating Space for Singles

Class Description

This topic explores ways to create events and opportunities for singles to meet and gather. Often times our clubs and groups are “couple heavy” and while singles enjoy the friendship, they are still seeking that special someone.

This session is about real time ideas and creating action plans. Share your positive thoughts with us.