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b_wylde, known to her friends as b or beth and affectionately nicknamed by her Owners as their primal gerbil, is the collared submissive and pet of her Goddess, Celtic_lover and babygirl of her Daddy, pit_for_her. She identifies as a bisexual, poly, primal, leather, little, babygirl, service submissive and sadomasochistic Switch.

b is a huge advocate for education. During her almost 17 years in the lifestyle she has taught multiple classes, helped set up/run events and worked at several local playspaces. beth, along with her Owners, are in the process of opening a new and much needed playspace in the NC area.

beth is also the creator and host of Exploration Stations, a yearly try-it-out event held in the NC Triad. It’s designed to give people the chance to experience various types of play they normally wouldn’t have access to in a safe and controlled environment. Exploration Stations is in it’s 4th year.

Who will be presenting:

service submissive roundtable

Class Description

What is service? Why do we serve and how do we choose who to serve? Some of the topics we will discuss are reasoning, motives, pros and cons, red flags and more. Bring your thoughts on service and let's talk it over.