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Domina Alluriah Domina Alluriah is the leader of several groups along the Gulf Coast. She is the founder of Gulf Coast QUICK ( Queers United In Consensual Kink ), the chapter Director for MAsT: Biloxi, a co-leader of SMART ( Southern Mississippi Association of Roses and Thorns ) as well as Southern Mississippi TNG. She is a member of House Risum Dea.

As an out Trans woman, Domina Alluriah believes in and focuses on the importance of diversity, communication, and visibility as well as representation, respect, and transparency. She believes there can be no community without unity. She works to educate all who are willing to learn about the benefits of diversity and communication between marginalized and minority groups within any lifestyle.

Who will be presenting:

Discussion on Hierarchical Relationships & Service

Class Description

Come share a thought-provoking conversation facilitated by Domina Alluriah! Let's examine and share about all things service in Master slave dynamics, Dominate submissive dynamics, power exchange or authority transfer relationships. we are looking forward to sharing an inspiring collective discussion and learning from each other.