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Above all else, I am Lady Catherine’s devoted faithful servant.

I serve on the Board of SouthEast LeatherFest as registration coordinator, scholarship program coordinator, an operations assistant and a variety of other miscellaneous with the goal of making an event that is welcoming, accepting and a happy place to spend a weekend.

I currently call the Baltimore/DC area home. I am the producer of Twisting Culture and also the treasurer of F.I.S.T. I relocated to Baltimore from the Denver area. While in the Denver area I served as a long term facilitator of COLLAR. I was also fortunate enough to volunteer for Thunder in the Mountains dungeon build crew for many years. The last few years of which I lead the design and build of their dungeon. I was a founding member of MAsT-Denver, and an active member of several different versions of the Labyrinth as well as the Sanctuary and other groups in the Rocky Mountain region.

When asked how I identify I usually say something along these lines... dyke, butch, gender fluid, poly, Papa/Daddy/Sir, switch, boy and faithful servant to my beloved Ma’am, Lady Catherine, for whom the world spins and I would give my last breath. Tree hugger and wanna-be vegan are still fair labels too. But I am the ever-evolving kind so hopefully there will be a few more evolutions!

If you see me out and about, please introduce yourself, I would love to meet you.

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All Things Service: Panel Discussion

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