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I have been in the lifestyle for 11 years.  I entered via Second Life and met Master Kaddan Yue though her online discussions.  I have facilitated lifestyle discussions for 7 years and entered the House of Yue around the same time.  
I have been active in my local community for 8 years, which has included, serving as a board member of Society of Bastet, a not-for-profit group that operated a public play space.  I have also served as co-leader of SOK (School of Kink), which provided educational events, support groups and discussions to help people with their journeys.
Through the pandemic, I put my tech skills to use in the international community by volunteering at many of the online Leather and Lifestyle conferences.  I have been Track Lead for Uprise! Welcome the Dawn, and Tech Lead for Uprise! 2022 Build and Believe.  I was Second Life Tech Lead for Cirque du Earth.  And a moderator for Master/slave Conference Worldwide, The Gathering NW and Leather Reign.  I have presented at The Gathering NW and the Service Oriented Conference.
In my professional life, I am a career chef of 30 years, and have found many similarities between the lifestyle and the career path I have chosen.  Many of the skills needed can be used in both sides of my life. On my path, I hope to never stop learning, moving forward, and becoming a better person than I was yesterday, both professionally and personally.

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Service Houses

Class Description

Join Master Kaddan and her family to learn all about service houses from multiple perspectives in her House. What is a service House? What is it based on? What are different roles in the house? How would you start one? Bring your questions and curiosity to enjoy this inspiring conversation.