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Domina Alluriah


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Domina Alluriah is an out and proud Trans woman from the Ms Gulf Coast who co leads several groups. She is the chapter director of MAsT:Biloxi, as well as, an active member of several communities between FL and LA. Domina Alluriah believes in the important of representation and visibility and works to utilize the skills we employ in the lifestyle to network and help others find their place in our community. Her Leather values center around community service, communication, trust, and respect as well as personal integrity and honesty.

Who will be presenting:

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Different types of Service and Servitude

Class Description

From either side of the slash this class will go over, highlight, and discuss different ways we give to one another or our community, of our time, our energies, or our literal selves. Being of service is not just topping and bottoming. What to know what else? This class if for you!