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Meet the team

We would like to express our gratitude to the team that made The Service Oriented Conference possible!




Hi Everyone! It's my privilage to work along side some amazing people to plan, organize, and produce the Service Oriented Conference. Community and service are very much a part of the fabric of my soul, and while many conferences offer something on service, I always felt strongly that service deserved a conference of it's own. A silver lining of the pandemic was it being proved that virtual conferences were not just possible, they are a way to reach our community across the globe.

So welcome to our little corner of the world, as we connect some awesome lifestyle presenters and those who identify or share an interest in all things service oriented!

Presenter Coordinator

slave joy


Hello, my name is slave joy, she/her pronouns please. I am a student of life on an open-minded journey of self-discovery and growth to be my best self. I am a strong open-hearted spiritual woman, have a few soul parts that are that of a soft feminine baby girl, but most of all what drives my life passion at the core of my very being is that i am a joyously loving slave. I have come to understand in my soul knowing that my slavery is an orientation, just like my pansexuality. It is simply who I am.

I seek to learn, grow, and be my best slave self while supporting those in our community the best I can. Since a young age, my service heart has been my purpose-filled grounding anchor. My life is a work of service to the earth and her children’s healing and my Master’s highest good.

Panel Facilitator

Lady Catherine


She wrote and produces the longest running weekend exploratory seminar for submissives and service oriented and/or power s-types. Servant's Retreat focuses on sustaining healthy power dynamic relationships by strengthening personal foundations and a path of inquiry.  SR did not ever include play classes—its sole focus is on individual personal development. Thirty plus years of educating and having taught at 600+ organizations, has provided her with the opportunity of teaching dozens of generations since 1983.
She has served on the boards of CARAS, LSM, FIST, SELF, and IMsL to name a few.  She currently serves on the Executive Board of Leather Archives and Museum. She is the first woman to be voted to that committee by her fellow seated board members. She is the producer of SouthEast LeatherFest (SELF). She is the Co-Coordinator and a Founding Member of one of the oldest batch patch clubs in the country, F.I.S.T. She also serves on the Board of Twisting Culture in Baltimore, MD. She is a co-founder of the Women's Leather History Project/Program.

She wrote and produces Foundations in Mastery for D-types. It is a weekend educational offering for owners, dominants, and masters which dives deep into emotional and practical skillsets for healthy relationships. What makes this seminar unique is how it is informed and crafted by the life experience of 4300+ submissives and s-types living in these relationships. This experiential seminar weekend provides great foundations and avenues to expand your horizons.

Her seminars have been given coast to coast in the US and internationally. She is an award winning educator.  She was honored by receiving:  Black Rose's Vaughn Keith National Educator Award in 2002, Pantheon of Leather Business of the Year award in 2006, Pantheon of Leather Southeast Region Service Award in 2006, Jack Stice Memorial Award 2016, MAsT-I Presenter of the Year 2016, and Lady Lynette Leadership Award 2018. 

Professionally, she has met the gold standard of coaching. Only 4% of coaches hold this highest credential.  She has chosen to work with alternative communities who are historically underserved.



Above all else, I am Lady Catherine’s devoted faithful servant.

I serve on the Board of SouthEast LeatherFest as registration coordinator, scholarship program coordinator, an operations assistant and a variety of other miscellaneous with the goal of making an event that is welcoming, accepting and a happy place to spend a weekend.

I currently call the Baltimore/DC area home. I am the producer of Twisting Culture and also the treasurer of F.I.S.T. I relocated to Baltimore from the Denver area. While in the Denver area I served as a long term facilitator of COLLAR. I was also fortunate enough to volunteer for Thunder in the Mountains dungeon build crew for many years. The last few years of which I lead the design and build of their dungeon. I was a founding member of MAsT-Denver, and an active member of several different versions of the Labyrinth as well as the Sanctuary and other groups in the Rocky Mountain region.

When asked how I identify I usually say something along these lines... dyke, butch, gender fluid, poly, Papa/Daddy/Sir, switch, boy and faithful servant to my beloved Ma’am, Lady Catherine, for whom the world spins and I would give my last breath. Tree hugger and wanna-be vegan are still fair labels too. But I am the ever-evolving kind so hopefully there will be a few more evolutions!

If you see me out and about, please introduce yourself, I would love to meet you.

Volunteer Coordinator



Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, blueberry brings to the table a litany of intersectionality as a pansexual, queer, abuse surviving, poverty surviving, neurodivergent, polyamorous, recovering Christian, Woman of Color. Embodying resiliency is a whole mood. blueberry is proud to bring their share to the table, while simultaneously being the table itself. In the BDSM world blueberry is a service oriented being, providing a wide range of services including: cigar/ash tray, bootblacking and leather care, latex care, culinary, domestic and cleaning, and spa services. blueberry enjoys strict bondage, heavy impact, extreme S&M, degradation, dehunamization, and subjugation as much as possible - but only with those deemed trustworthy of such. 

In the public world, blueberry has a demanding, but fufulling career. In their free time they enjoy lamenting about the world around them, being a hopeless femme, cuddling with their adorable dog, and generally avoiding the public and sunlight as much as possible. Far from a sunshiney disposition, blueberry tends to find beauty in darkness and death and value in healing through destruction - think Kali Maa, but less terrifying. blueberry is a Pagan, a witch, an energy practioner, and worshiper of Serpent Goddesses; Drawing strength from the likes of Meretserger, Melusine, and Medusa.




Technical Support

Master Marcus


Hello there,

My name is Master Marcus Cole. I have been in and out of the lifestyle for over 20 years, in the last several years I have begun to deepen and explore my relationship to my own dominance as a way of life and being that integrates who I truly am. Also, in the last several years the universe aligned the meeting of slave joy and that began our M/s journey. I collared my slave joy in October 2018 and we have been growing our 24/7 M/s with love, dedication to communication and lots of laughter sense.

For inspiring work, I am an independent professional photographer with a studio in Seattle. I am blessed to have two thriving photography businesses. My business Marcus Cole Photography focuses mainly on vanilla portraits, boudoir, landscape and street photography. Where my business Shadows in the Light is a celebration of everything kinky and Fetish possible. Whether you would like to get solo or couple portraits done with rope bondage personalized to flatter your frame or use numerous pieces of play furniture we have as props the variations are limitless. I also do group parties and events like collaring ceremonies.

As slave joy and I grow in our M/s journey we have been seeking to expand our community and have been enjoying going to M/s and Leather conferences across the country the last few years. More recently we have found our local MAsT chapters and look forward to being a part of them regularly. slave joy and I are both wired for and committed to a monogamous relationship but value the wide variety of people and relationships around us. We would greatly like to meet more open-minded kink accepting people to build friendships with where we can be ourselves as Master and slave while enjoying vanilla activities like board or card games, BBQ's, potlucks or any number of things.

Whether you are interested in a photo shoot or would like to get to know slave joy and I better feel free to send a friend request or message!

All the best Master Marcus.

Marketing Coordinator


she/her or he/him

Canadian, technically Ausnadian after living for four years Down Under, domestic service (aka luxury lifestyle) submissive to the rich and famous, and little – service little. Cheeky bear, errant evil scout, fervent axe thrower, dirty mud slinger, maker of things, co-creator of games for grownups, and writer/published author. Entered the BDSM community and lifestyle in her early twenties, and hasn’t looked back since. Active in local, national, and international BDSM communities as a kink educator.

All of you!